Non Disclosure Agreement


Please note: this  must be signed before any products or services will be provided.

Renewal Policy

For your convenience, your monthly service will renew automatically each month. If you wish to cancel the services, please do so before the renewal date.


Trading Responsibility

 It is absolutely vital that you understand fully that your trading account is 100% your own and fully under your own control. No one from Mike’s Crypto & Forex (MCF) and/or TM Solutions LLC will ever place a trade or manipulate a trade in your account. We provide training, software and technical assistance, but we do not trade your account; nor are we responsible for the trades in your account. Trading is risky. It involves substantial risks of loss and is not appropriate for everyone. Therefore, ONLY RISK CAPITAL SHOULD BE USED FOR TRADING. Risk capital is defined as: money that a person can afford to lose. It is our opinion that all funds involved with MCF and/or TM Solutions LLC are "at risk," even when using conservative strategies. Do not trade with funds that you cannot afford to lose. Any use of the information contained in Mike’s Crypto & Forex (MCF) website, or any use of any and all information that a client receives in any of the trainings, email alerts, videos, does so at their own risk and will hold harmless all owners of MCF and/or TM Solutions LLC of any losses suffered by the use of this information. Mike’s Crypto & Forex and its owners, never, under any circumstances, encourage any client to buy or sell any particular financial positions. Members do so at their own discretion.


Strategy Non-Disclosure

We understand that it will be possible to learn a great deal about any strategy or trading system simply by examining statements or by paying attention to minor details given in the live chat room or email correspondence.  You agree not to release any proprietary information about our trading strategies to anyone - even other MCF subscribers. For example: broad strategy discussion such as "This is a strategy that follows trends" or "this is a strategy that grid trades" is perfectly fine, but disclosing specifics that you may have obtained such as a specific moving average or indicator used in a strategy is prohibited. If in doubt, ask us. We disclose a tremendous amount of information about our systems but we desire other information to remain proprietary. Violation of this agreement may result in termination of your service.



The Signatories with this agree to respect the integrity and tangible value of this agreement between them and Mike’s Crypto & Forex and/or TM Solutions LLC. Hereinafter, called "The Parties."


THIS AGREEMENT is a perpetuating guarantee from the date of execution and is to be applied to any and all transactions present and future, of the introducing party, including subsequent follow-up, repeat, extended, renegotiated, and new transactions regardless of the success of the project.

The Parties agree not to disclose information which is proprietary in nature, intrinsically valuable, or potentially harmful to the business or reveal or make use of any information during discussion or observation regarding methods, concepts, ideas, product/services, or proposed new products or services, without the written consent of the introducing party or parties.

In the event that any part or parts of this Agreement are found to be void, or held to be invalid, then such portion of the Agreement shall be severed and excised from the remainder hereof and, so far as is reasonable and possible, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall nevertheless be considered valid, operative, and binding with the same effect as though the void parts were deleted. Furthermore, effect shall be given to the intent manifested in the portion of this Agreement held invalid or voided.

Upon execution of THIS AGREEMENT the Parties agree that any individual, firm company, associates, corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, divisions, subsidiaries, employees, agents, heirs, assigns, designees or consultants of which the signee is an agent, officer, heir, successor, assign or designee is bound by the terms of THIS AGREEMENT.


By executing this Agreement, The Signatories acknowledge and represent that they have read and understand the terms contained herein and agree to be bound by them. MCF and TM Solutions LLC will take necessary legal action in the event that this agreement is broken.

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